About Us

Welcome to Hear the Nation!

Our mission is simple: to be the voice of the people.

Hear The Nation is a platform for Americans to voice their opinions and engage in thoughtful debate. Sometimes 140 characters or a social media post isn’t enough. At Hear The Nation, we encourage you to voice your opinion in a well-thought out manner on anything from politics, world events, popular news stories, and all the way to a local story.

Instead of reading what CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or the many other news outletS think about today’s news and politics, Hear the Nation is the place to find out what your fellow citizens think.

We want to hear what the American pulse is. And we want you to raise the level of debate beyond the everyday chatter.

Our platform does not have a political bias or political agenda. All views are welcome. Put yourself out there, support your view, and see if the broader public agrees or disagrees.

We welcome anyone to join our movement and post an article. And we encourage you to share your articles on any other platforms you choose.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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