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About Us

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Hear The Nation welcomes writers of all stripes and political persuasions to openly air their opinions or share the news that is important to them.

Aspiring journalists, ordinary citizens who have a strong opinion, people that want to let the world know how decisions in Washington are affecting their daily lives, get off the sidelines and let your voice be heard. 

Become a Hear The Nation Writer and your opinions and views will never be filtered - that you can be assured of.

Our Mission

At Hear The Nation, our mission is simple: to the give the people a voice.

Hear The Nation is the premier platform through which anyone from anywhere can write about the issues of the day that are important to them – whether you want to voice your opinion or simply share important news.    

Although many news and political websites might promote themselves as being neutral or balanced when it comes to the key issues of the day, we all know that we are reading the news through a specific and sometimes biased lens depending upon what website we happen to visit, what newspaper we happen to pick up or what television station we happen to tune in to.

We the people are given the important task of electing our leaders, yet aside from casting our votes on Election Day we have virtually no voice or channel through which we can air our views and opinions, unfiltered, on the key issues of the day.

You can submit an op-ed to your local newspaper, but your opinion better not be too strong or lean in a direction that newspaper does not wish to take. 

You can post comments on news articles and blogs, but how far will that actually reach? 

We the people certainly have a voice but we do not have a legitimate channel through which to air our opinions and let the world know how we feel about the important issues of the day….until now.

Join our community at Hear The Nation. No more submitting op-eds into a black hole or writing comments on news articles in order to have your voice heard.

This Is Just The Beginning

Join our community as we continue to grow. In the coming weeks and months, we will be adding more features including:

  • Writer Rankings
  • Debating Platforms
  • Expanded News Coverage
  • And more

Become a Hear The Nation Writer and establish yourself as a trusted source of thoughtful commentary.